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You are the Difference is a kindness initiative to inspire and empower people to recognize and encourage kindness. The vision is for schools, businesses, and neighborhoods to flourish in kindness through programs and initiatives geared toward teaching the individual power each person possesses as a conduit of kindness.


You are the Difference programs believe in celebrating acts of kindness in both tangible and intangible ways. Therefore, You are the Difference Kindness’ Tokens celebrate such acts and also serve as a reminder that each person carries the potential to make the world a better place.

30 Kindness Tokens

Need a little nudge? How about some KINDNESS FACTS?

Scientific research shows that kindness not only helps the recipient, but also helps witnesses to the kind act and the contributor.

Start experiencing the benefits of kindness today. It starts with you.
YOU are the difference!

Kindness Capacity Assessment

How would you describe your kindness capacity? Click your response.



Dormant Kindness Capacity

Inactive or sleeping phase of kindness

Don’t be alarmed. We can help you move from the dormant phase of kindness to the active phase of kindness. Learn more


Ignition Kindness Capacity

The beginning phase of kindness

You are off to a good start. We can help you take your kindness to the next level. Learn more


Active Kindness Capacity

The mobile phase of being engaged with kindness

Congratulations! You are a Kindness Ambassador. You can encourage others to be kind. Learn more

Why Learn Kindness as a Character Trait

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